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A 42-YEAR-OLD woman narrated before a local court in Lusaka that she denies her husband conjugal rights because he is sleeping with a married woman.

Modester Nyoni of Garden House compound was testifying in a case in which her husband, Emmanuel Njobvu, 47, a businessman sued her for divorce.

The two got married in 2001 and have two children.

Njobvu told senior court justices Morgan Kayanika and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that he found Nyoni with one child from her previous marriage when they were marrying and that he also had one child from his previous marriage.

He said although he took care of Nyonis’ child who now completed school, Nyoni did not take care of his child who was now at college.

He explained that when he was attacked instead of Nyoni providing for his child’s school but instead she bought household goods.

‘’It is now one year and two months we don’t make love Nyoni says that we separated. I decided to divorce her,’’ said Njobvu.

In defence, Nyoni said that she was denying Njobvu conjugal rights because he was sleeping with a married woman.

She said when Njobvu started womanizing, he told her that was what he normally did whenever he differed with a woman.

Nyoni added that Njobvu sold a house, a plot, a car, a shop and withdrew her money without telling her and that he did not give her money but concentrated on the married woman he was allegedly having sex with.

Nyoni said she did provide for his sons’ school needs because he did not tell her about it but she only saw the child come and go.

‘’I still love Njobvu he is my husband, I have a loan on my pay slip but he wants to sell the house to provide for the school of the child,’’ Nyoni said.

The court ruled that since Njobvu wanted divorce, he could not be forced to remain in the marriage.

The court granted divorce without compensation but Njobvu was ordered to be pay children maintenance fee of K500 per month. The court also ordered that all households should be shared equally.

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