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By Nation Reporter

There was laughter in a Lusaka local court when a woman said that her husband stopped functioning after he acquired a new girlfriend and that she was ready to try to make love with him right in the court to prove her point.

This is a case in which Liness Banda, 25, of Zingalume compound sued her husband, Geoffrey Muwowo, 35, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2007 and have two children.

Banda told senior court magistrate Ganston Kalala at Matero Local Court that problems started this year because Muwowo would phone her to tell her to lock the door because he would not go home.

She said that sometimes Muwowo would inform her that police had locked him up for loitering.

Banda said that when Muwowo’s father rebuked him he revealed that he had a woman where he was spending nights.

Muwowo had not paid children’s school fees and house rentals, Banda said, adding that they were also evicted from the house they were living in for non-payment of rentals.

‘’For three months now we don’t make love because Muwowo can’t function, if he wants we can try right now and he refuses me to shave his pubic hair,’’ Banda said.

In defence, Muwowo said that when they had a second child, Banda told him that he should look for another woman because at the hospital she was told that she should not get pregnant again and that it was Banda who actually looked for a woman for him.

He said that he was not free to make love to Banda because she told him that he did not satisfy her.

Muwowo added that Banda started taking charms, which her relative said was for love, into their house.

Asked by the court why he was refusing to be shaved pubic hair, Muwowo said that he refused because at one time Banda said that it was better they both lost him with the other woman. Asked by the court if he could choose between the woman he wanted to stay with, Muwowo said that he loved both Banda and the other woman.

But Banda said she could not be in polygamous marriage. The court said that Muwowo left home and went to another woman adding that he was playing with marriage.

It ruled that a reconciliation had failed because Banda did not want to be in a polygamous marriage.


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