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By Peter Malasha in Mpika

WORLD Vision is renovating Miloshi and Malashi furrows from their dams in Mpika’s Chief Chikwanda’s area at a cost of over K1.5million.

The project which was underway was meant to improve the livelihood and enhance farming activities for farmers especially on onion production.

World Vision national director John Hasse accompanied by THRIVE project manager Moffat Mhtonga toured the area and found rehabilitation works in progression.

In an interview with the Daily Nation during a site visit, Mr. Hasse said the project was exciting and would change people’s livelihood around the area.

Mr. Hasse said the project was exciting in the sense that, there would be hundreds of families that would be helped by the project.

He also said children’s lives would not be the same because parents would invest in their future and change the children’s lives so that they never suffer the same poverty their parents did.

Mr. Hasse further said beneficiaries need to take ownership of the project because they were seeing new resources that were coming and World Vision was trying to find solutions to the problems.  He advised people to take advantage and learn lessons.

“One of the things World Vision is trying to do, is to do things with excellency. We are trying to do it right the first time,” Mr. Hasse said.

Mr. Hasse said it was important for people to plan with a business perspective and to take care of the environment, infrastructure and families.

He appealed to beneficiaries of World Vision projects to look up to God and believe in themselves because they have skills and not to believe in black magic to succeed but to work hard.

And Mr. Mhtonga said the Misoshi and Malashi furrow projects were intended to boost income levels for beneficiary householders who depend on rain-fed crops.

Mr. Mhtonga said the project was trying to promote all-round production.

 He said for Misoshi furrow which was about a kilometre, 500 farmers were targeted and Malashi which was over 700m, about 600 farmers would benefit from the project.

“What the project is doing is trying to promote all round production,” Mr. Mhtonga said.

Meanwhile, JM & J Traders Limited site engineer and manger Tonziani Singogo renovating the two furrows said the project will be completed in three months.

Mr. Singogo said the project might go beyond time frame for over a month due to poor weather conditions affecting operations.

He said the ideal time to carry out such projects was during dry season as opposed to rain season.

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