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Snake frenzy hits the Social Media

A FRIEND of mine yesterday told me that you must ignore Zambians if you want to make progress in your life.

“Concentrate on your own thinking and plans and move forward,” he said when I asked him for a comment on the snake frenzy that has hit the social media in Zambia.

I could not agree less with his comments because I have been completely perplexed by the comments that have followed the incident where President Edgar Lungu ate a piece of cooked snake flesh while visiting the commando unit of Zambia Army in Mbala, Northern Province.

My immediate reaction when I saw the clip of the president eating snake flesh was that his action exemplified the difficult life that our young men and women who have sworn to protect our lives go through. It is my personal opinion of course but based on the rationale of the settings in which the snake meat was eaten.

But alas, the reaction from the Zambian population has been a very shallow interpretation of the incident. The meaningless attacks were led by a politician; it would appear that criticising the president has become a political ideology in Zambia.

Echoing the politician’s attack is some pastor who has criticised the president for “worshipping a serpent. I could not believe this pastor’s interpretation of what the Bible says about worshipping a serpent.

Can a person eat what he worships? The answer is a big no! Since the president ate the snake, it means that he does not worship a snake. If you worship something, you will refuse to eat its flesh. The Hindus do not eat the cow because they worship the cow.

In my long years as a journalist, I have come across people who worship snakes. They build shrines where they deposit mealie meal and other foods, they believe their snake gods will eat. The chief priest or leader will utter a few incantations and then leave the items under the shrine.

Did President Lungu utter any incantations before eating the snake meat?

Our pastors should stop engaging in the misuse or ignorant use of the teachings of the Bible. At any rate, most of the foreign pastors that Zambians are “worshipping” come from tribes were eating snake flesh is as enjoyable as eating frogs, monkey, opani or mbeba meat here in Zambia.

Lack of exposure by many Zambians leads to very shallow thinking. I once travelled to West Africa and found python flesh on sale at the market. Pythons are almost extinct in one neighbouring country because they are hunted for their meat and fat which is used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

I would like to urge Zambians to ignore all the foolery and empty criticism of President Lungu’s action. In my view, we should instead feel a lot of respect and sympathy for the Zambian commandos who have to endure that spartan living for the sake of protecting our sovereignty. These guys even eat blue heads and worms.

It is important that we think before we leap. The whole world is at a crossroads. The balance of power is changing rapidly. Powerful nations are desperately fighting to maintain their influence over smaller nations.

Multinationals are in a scramble for African resources. The challenges posed by all these forces require analytical thinking for us to survive.

Shallow thinking such as the snake frenzy of last week will not add any value to our nation.

I am worried that next time Zambia loses a home game, people will say we lost because President Lungu woke up on the left side.

“I think, therefore, I am.”

Yours truly, Troubleshooter.


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