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OVER 16 opposition political parties and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) will this Friday take to the streets in Lusaka to counter last Saturday’s infamous yellow card campaign against Parliament over the Constitutional amendment process. 

Group representative Edwin Sakala yesterday said his group had written to the police to notify them about the planed solidarity march and that they expected nothing other than a go-ahead.

Mr. Sakala said it was ridiculous for the Yellow Card campaigners to protest against the Constitution amendment process when they had made it clear from the onset that they would participate in the National Dialogue Forum (NDF).

He wondered why the same dogmatists who shunned the process could now mobilise and start protesting against Parliament when they shunned the forum whose outcome they were now criticising.

He accused the Yellow Card protestors of being funded by foreign imperialists who want to make the country ungovernable in their desperate effort to instigate regime change.

 “We expect that our White Card solidarity march will go on as planned just like the Yellow Card protest was allowed. We want to give solidarity to Parliament over the constitution making process because no one was barred from participating in the NDF. It is therefore ridiculous for anyone who shunned the forum to start discrediting parliament.

He said it was a shame that some foreign entities had pumped money into last Saturday’s retrogressive protest.

“We take this chance to alert the nation that these foreign funded organisations know that their party stands no chance of winning the next election hence this new strategy of promoting antagonistic agendas and propaganda to fan hate and division,” he said.

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