Yes, HH should explain source of his wealth

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Really, why does HH continue to dodge questions about how he got his wealth? Let not anyone answer for him. We don’t have to be hypocrites here.

When vying for presidency of this great nation you say one has to be transparent but when we ask about the source of your wealth you say “let us talk about the suffering of Zambians.”

 Is that the meaning of transparency? Where is calling a spade a spade here? Still, some people will say leave him because it is not our money.

Are we being sincere to ourselves? Is it fair then for some of you to push so much for an answer from Bowman Lusambo about the source of the money he’s donating when your HH has failed to give  an explanation about how he acquired his  stinking wealth not only in Zambia  but even overseas as well. Just where is the fairness here?

Kayemba Tembo.

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