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THE increase in the demand for feed for the livestock sector requires consistent supply of the commodity, Zambeef deputy managing director Walter Roodt has said.

Mr Roodt said Zambeef’s Novatek division has a significant role to play in meeting the growing demand.

“We are seeing immense growth in the demand for feed for the livestock sector, particularly in poultry, which is considered to be the more affordable source of meat-based protein in comparison to others such as beef, pork, goat,” he said.

Zambeef’s new US$10 million Novatek plant in Mpongwe, which opened in 2017, is already operating at 44 percent production capacity, bringing the total monthly production capacity to 25,000 tonnes. “Our target at the time of opening was to achieve 30 percent capacity but that has been exceeded as we are currently at 44.4 per cent capacity.  There is still much room for growth and we aim to maximize production at the plant over time,” Mr Roodt said.

He said increased capacity at Novatek also entails increased demand for inputs for one of the country’s largest buyers of soybeans and maize.

With over 90 branded Novatek agency distribution points, 24 Novatek outlets in Zambia and 18 agency distribution points in Zimbabwe, the division is still spreading its wings with the opening of new macro retail stores.

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