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VISITING Nigerian musician Oladapo Oyebanjo famously known as D’banj says Zambia has got talent and what is only needed is ‘access’ to take the music out there.

Speaking yesterday at Latitude Hotel during a press-briefing ahead of tonight’s Ballantine’s True Music Tour set for Freedom 64 in Lusaka, D’banj said he has had a wonderful experience working as, a  mentor on the project and has noticed the great talent from the Zambian artistes and Africa at large.

“I said this to the Zambian artistes that as Africa in general we have talent but the only support that we need is access. Zambia got too much talent,” he said emphasizing that he has enjoyed working with the Zambian envoys for the Ballantine’s True Music project. The three Zambian artistes on this year’s Music Tour include rapper Bombshell, the sister pair Davaos and Jae Izzy.  These artistes are running in a competition that will by July this year, see one of them finish as winner.

The competition is mainly based on votes from fans on various social media platforms and is mainly centred on the works they have done through their mentor, D’banj.

And D’banj who will be live at the show tonight alongside the three Zambian artistes, has advised musicians to always work hard and avoid feeling comfortable because there is a lot of competition out there.

“There’s a lot of competition now and for one to make it, you need not to be comfortable with your position.

In Nigeria we say ‘we don’t live, we survive’ because even when you know you have money or you are on top, you continue to work hard. You always avoid feeling comfortable but continue working. You must be your own competition,” advised D’banj.

The Ballantine’s True Music tonight which enters its second-year running is proudly sponsored by Ballantine’s Whisky that aims at promoting true music talent in Africa.

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