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Zambia and other importers should consider using walvis bay to import its products,walvis bay corridor group business development manager james kaposa has advised.

ZAMBIA and other countries should consider using Namibia’s Walvis Bay to transport goods and services, Walvis Bay corridor group business development manager James Kaposa has advised.

Mr Kaposa said Zambia has been using Dar es Salaam, Durban and Beira with Walvis Bay being alternative to import.

He said in an interview at the weekend that Zambia should start looking at the advantages of using Walvis Bay as compared to other ports.

He said his company would soon open  up a new port which would be one of the best in terms of facilities.

He said Namibia has one of the best road network in Africa making it a reliable country to use goods coming from the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Mr Kaposa further noted that the port of Walvis Bay was  not congested,  hence it would only take few days for the goods to reach Zambia.

“The road infrastructure in Namibia is perfect, making it smooth for drivers to use ,” he said. He however observed that for few years now traffic at Walvis Bay had increased, a sign that many importers had started using the port.

Mr Kaposa disclosed that new port will have among other things a dock which will make it easy to offload goods from cargo ships.

Walvis Bay is located at Namibia’s west coast and is the only commercial port of the country.

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