Zambians must prepare for load-shedding

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Dear Editor,

WATER levels at Kariba dam are declining every day and sooner than later, the hydro power station at Kariba Dam will be unable to operate at full capacity.

This can only mean the country will once again experience load-shedding. One can only hope ZESCO has started putting measures in place in anticipation for what is to come, as last minutes measures will not help. In fact, prevention is better than cure.

It is therefore better to sensitise people on this matter now so that they plan start thinking of getting used with solar alternatives. The earlier people are encouraged, the better. It will be unfair to take people by surprise.

Hiding this prevailing situation at Kariaba Dam will not help either. In South Africa load-shedding is already wreaking havoc in various sectors of the economy. It’s better for our Government to look head.

I know for sure that ZESCO has been working on a number of projects and it would be good to have the projects completed.

This is also a sign that as a country we need to invest in more energy projects to avoid overreliance of the existing power installations we have.

For example, setting up of new hydro power stations at other untapped water falls in the country is inevitable.



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