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LET us build rather than destroy, because our common heritage is PEACE and Unity. This is how we concluded last week. I think, we all love Zambia!

Thus far, prejudice, tagging and negative vibes – not withstanding magnitude, are all dangerous elements that are just as bad as witchcraft. They refuse and cannot; form part of the “Zambian building brigade.” We must take them seriously, though.

I must also hasten to point out that I have seen dangerous articulations that form part of the opportunities presented by the social media. Like the current challenges, they too are self serving and seek self relevance. Lets deal with facts and not bending the truth through political wizardly and blackmail!

Since we are talking about building Zambia, we must reflect on whether blackmailing, manipulating or arm-twisting Zambians is constructive or indeed supported by law. I say so because we all know how injurious mob psychology can be.

A riot that leads to destruction of property is one such undesirable example of mob psychology, whose action is not even entertained by insurance. Certainly, not LAW! 

Therefore, should the Head of State and government operatives not be protected from highly opinionated mischief, presenting as good? It is my considered view that the Presidency and other authorities require protection from all kinds of mischief including; the iron fist covered in velvet.     

Fellow citizens, I was very frightened and saddened to see a social media rehearsal of a man dressed in white (almost mimicking Boko-haram) and addressing his colleagues, while seized in Dutch courage.   He, with impunity, showed off his possessions of an array of military pistols around his waist.  He looks to be between 20 and 40.

Today, I saw another video showing a young man shooting dangerously with a military rife – looks like an AK 47. What is happening? Have we lost all respect for Law enforcement, so much that behaving like a bull in a chinaware shop is more of an option? Are our families broken?

I do not know of any shop in Zambia which sells military weapons and as far as I know whoever buys a firearm in Zambia, can only be authorised to buy an appropriate one which must be properly licensed by relevant authorities.

I doubt automatic weapons as seen in the video and attaching to illegal entities are part of what is licensed in Zambia. (In my view, this is a fertile case of lawlessness for the Zambia Information, Communications and Technology Authority (ZiCTA) to cooperate with Law enforcement agencies, as the documented illegalities and threat to peace cannot be taken lightly).

A lot of times we hear claims that these youths are armed and financed by old men. It is no longer in doubt that there are young men and women who have serious money and a high propensity for violence.  The videos that were seen in the Social media are but one example.

Please let the youth movement and organised groups condemn the gun culture and lawlessness that is descending upon Zambia.  This in my view should include a naming and shaming campaign so that we protect our Oasis of Peace. As a matter of fact, the country must know who is a neighbour and friend to chaos. 

Without suggesting anything, it may be an idea to see the nature and character of some business networks. Are they just business entities or is there another cause that must worry Zambians. This concern is so legitimate particularly that there is credible information suggesting that the dangerous weapons coming into Zambia, are not only illegal but pose a serious danger to PEACE in Zambia. 

I would expect our security wings to up their game and identify the borders that are being used to sneak in arms into Zambia.  I know of the gun running stories of the past.

I do hope that this recent problem has nothing to do with the pattern of the past. We cannot have people take the law in their hands and make the Police look like they are a good for nothing investment.

Why are such dangerous weapons finding their way into Zambia? Does Zambia face an imminent civil war and if so, who are the protagonists and for what cause?  Does somebody doubt the efficacy of the Zambian Security Agencies, only to cry blue murder, if and when visited by the law?

Whether I was right or wrong, I have been visited by the law before. I also know others, who have been unfairly visited by the law, (someone was actually bragging: some of us have friends in the corridors of power.

So what? The President, of all citizens, swears to uphold the Zambian Constitution, notwithstanding the fact of the characteristics of Law, such as neutrality and equality among many others, which cement reality).

The summary of this problem is that compromising with any one over security is dangerous. It should not be an option. I have said before that the Presidency cannot and should NEVER be reduced into a Police Unit.

Our Constitution firmly establishes security wings which are regulated by respective Acts of parliament – away from suggestive or demonstrated impunity. 

Whatever the case; those who think military guns and other weapons are ‘toys’ to be displayed “democratically” are playing dangerous games! No security wing anywhere in the world is either a piece of ornament or purely ceremonial. I end there.   

As suggested last week, we need to complete the process of decolonisation, because if we do not, we risk dealing and entertaining distorted data. In this process, merit ought to be a very important consideration.

Why a meritorious approach? Because merit is one effective way of ensuring that standards are promoted and maintained. Secondly the country would most probably, continues to be buoyant and not be drowned by desperate souls, in abundance.

As a matter of fact, the liberation of Zambia, from existing records at UNZA Special Collections Main Library; was a serious affair. It cemented the One Zambia, One Nation motto because all Zambians, without exception participated in the making of the country.

In respect of the realities of struggle, we must accept that we made a fundamental mistake post 1964, which repeated itself post 1991.  The governments made a mistake of either halting or putting the tide of the specific revolution on Hold.

Apart from what may be difficult to appreciate owing to democratic realities of the trappings/divergent views and opinions; the UNIP government had no good reason to slow or halt the decolonisation process.  Suffice to say, it was halted.

The good thing is that it can be restarted. Please, do not dismiss the proposal to reboot decolonisation because a people without a history, are basically emotional misfits, not different from a drowning man and a rebel without a cause.

So if you are an adult and you do not know where you come from, find out now. You will not have the kind of money that Oprah Winfield, the late Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama and many others, spent on tracing their roots. Time and space are in your favour.

For this and many other reasons, we must not just be talking about going to the Show grounds, or any such public place – give it a local meaningful name! We have shopping malls and only one mall (Lewanika) is named after a Paramount Chief.  Zambians ought to know why we have our Parliament at Manda Hill as well as the popular shopping complex.

With due to respect, we must not manipulate our history. Going through our history of struggle, one will be forgiven to conclude that only a few individuals such as President Kenneth Kaunda, Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe fought for Zambian independence. 

It is not true. Many fought, BUT, the prominent names led (including others) and NO ONE can take that credit away!

Similarly in the very recent years, and it may have began as an experiment, which anyhow worked, Mbita Chitala and Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, shall remain in the archives, as having led the campaign for the return to multiparty politics in Zambia (Lets have the additions sooner than later; if any).

Of course many others were with them, and it is this fact which we must establish and document quickly. Remember 1990 is only 30 years ago! There is a lot we can do to eliminate imposters, pretenders and attention seekers.       

Rather than focus on negatives and reading the “Public Arena Book of Lamentations,” let’s get serious with issues and deal with facts.

We have seen how the anti human rights crusaders of 2016 against the expanded Bill of Rights are negatively affecting Zambia.

I guarantee you, some people who voted against the Bill had neither seen nor read it.  For me, this is a tragedy that requires the serious attention of Cabinet and in particular, the Ministry of Justice and Cabinet Office. 

How can people be opposed to things that they have not read or seen? Can any lawyer give an opinion about a matter whose details are unknown? What about soldiers: Can they fight a nonexistent war? 

Identity, based on factual history, as opposed to massaged stories, is central to our progression.

Let’s move on!

See you next week.  

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