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THE decision by the Zambia Boxing Federation (ZBF) to revert to K750 as affiliation fee will kill clubs which are struggling to raise resources for their survival, boxing pundit Remmie Shawa has observed.

Speaking in an interview, Shawa said that a lot of clubs would not afford to pay the affiliation fee because it was exorbitant. Shawa urged the current ZBF executive to maintain the K500 affiliation fee though it was challenging for clubs to raise the amount.

He encouraged ZBF to emulate institutions such as FAZ which implement good marketing strategies which can help the federation raise resources.

“It’s very disturbing to hear ZBF saying that the hiking of the fees is to increase on revenue. I feel it’s in bad faith. How do you increase revenue by taxing clubs especially those from kalingalinga, Chawama which are limping or in short being individually sponsored?” Shawa said.

“Please ZBF revenue can properly be raised by finding good sponsors such as Airtel, MTN and other notable big companies. See what FAZ is doing. You can takes a leaf from there. Good marketing strategies will make you realize good sponsorship. Leave clubs alone not all clubs will afford those fees, please for the love of the game do the right thing that will jeep the game vibrant.”

However, ZBF president Kennedy Mubita said that the federation has not hijacked the affiliation fee because the current 750 fee is stipulated in the ZBF constitution.

Mubita said that the affiliation fee was reduced to 500 to encourage affiliates to register their clubs.

He encouraged affiliates to take time and read the constitution which guilds ZBF in its administration of boxing in Zambia. “The affiliation fee is stipulated in the constitution. If you really take time to read the constitution, the affiliation fee is paged at K750. I was the one who had reduced it to K500 to encourage people to register their clubs but the actual amount stipulated in the constitution is K750 so there is no increase of anything.

“People should take time to read the constitution and I am just a custodian of the constitution. I will not do anything outside the constitution and the problem is that people are not enlightened,” Mubita said.

He noted that the federation recently unveiled a committee which we will work with in trying to raise resources.

Mubita urged people to raise their concerns through their clubs because the federation is willing to listen to its affiliates.

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