ZESCO tariffs review

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Dear Editor,

ALLOW me to add my voice to the ZESCO tariff issue through your newspaper.

While I appreciate the timely intervention from President Edgar Lungu, I personally expect ZESCO management to be very sensitive to the outcry of customers bearing in mind the burden they already have.

After all, the customer is the reason why ZESCO exists. Although alternative substitutes are available such as charcoal, all informed Zambians know the destructive effects of charcoal manufacturing to the environment.

Are we pretending to be blind to the destructive effects of the cyclone in Mozambique and Malawi?

Are we arguing that it is not related to effects of climate change?

My plea is that if customers complain against tariff reviews, ZESCO should listen without having to wait for State House to intervene.

I say so because key stakeholders such as farmers cried out but their plight was not respected.

ZESCO currently have very powerful research engineers capable of considering other energy options.



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