Zimbabwe to rename streets after Mnangagwa

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Zimbabwe’s cabinet has approved a proposal to rename 10 streets across the country after President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The proposed changes are part of a series of new names for streets and buildings.

“The name changes are mainly aimed at honouring the country’s national heroes, as well as nationalists from the region,” the state-run Zimbabwe Herald reports.

Other people to be honoured include Botswana’s former President Sir Seretse Khama and Angola’s former President Agostinho Neto.

“Cabinet noted that through the process of naming, every community or society defines its identity and culture, tells its history, and espouses its values, beliefs, norms and world view,” acting Information Minister Mangaliso Ndlovu is quoted by the Herald as saying

Many of the names to be replaced reflect the country’s colonial past.

The country’s permanent secretary for information, Nick Mangwana, has tweeted some of the new names:

Nick Mangwana@nickmangwana

Enterprise Road————-ED Mnangagwa
Selous Avenue—————-John Landa Mkomo
Cameron Street—————Joseph Musika
Kirkman Drive——————Solomon Mujuru
Livingstone Avenue ———-Oliver Tambo
Charter Road——————Fidel Castro
Five Avenue——————-Leonid Brezhnev

On Twitter, some Zimbabweans are not impressed with the plan, especially as the country has other pressing needs:


Renaming roads wont capacitate doctors. Waste of time. The junta is desperate for diversions. Look at SA most colonial names are still around. Name mean nothing when people are dying in a silent genocide. Cabinet shld come up with plans to rescucitate hospitals.

Thandekile Moyo@Mamoxn · 15hReplying to @nickmangwana

This is a diversion.
We will not be moved.
Instead of building new infrastructure you are busy naming amaroads built by Rhodesia.
Pretending this renaming stunt is an achievement.
This government has completely run out of ideas.
They’ve failed.
We need a revolution. #ZanuPFMustGo


Money will need to be spent changing these road names and inflated tenders will be awarded to themselves. The corruption is too much. They should just resign. Indeed revolution is the only way. If only there was a militant and charismatic type of leader to take on this msunery.

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