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THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has impounded over 8, 000 heavy duty vehicles which have dubiously entered Zambia.

In the scam, Government has lost about K480 million in unpaid taxes.

The vehicles, including trucks and earth moving machinery, were imported dubiously using Value Added Tax (VAT) deferred facility.

ZRA is today expected to publish the first batch of heavy duty trucks that were imported dubiously and another list will be published next week.

According to ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda, Government had lost about K480 million in taxes.

This is because the heavy duty vehicles were imported dubiously using VAT deferred facility for other tax payers.

He said this yesterday in Lusaka at a media briefing.

Mr Sikalinda said the facility had been abused by both clearing agents and importers who were making false declarations and abrogating the Customs and Excise Act cap 322 of the laws of Zambia.

He said ZRA investigated eight Tax Payers Identification Numbers (TPINs) which revealed that over 8, 000 heavy duty trucks had illegally entered Zambia.

“The ZRA  has so far revoked 136 clearing licenses for clearing companies and blocked their Tax TPINS on the Asycuda World System.

“We call upon the owners of these vehicles to report at the Inspectorate and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit offices within 14 days from date of publication,” Mr Sikalinda said.

He said the number plates for the trucks had been identified with help from the Road Transport and Safety Agency.

Mr Sikalinda said ZRA would continue investigating TPINs for those who qualify for the VAT deferred facility.

He stated that some unscrupulous people were using TPINs for unsuspecting individuals to obtain the trucks without their concert.

“We urge all citizens to pay taxes directly to the Zambia Revenue Authority to avoid being swindled by smugglers who pretend to be clearing agents. Investigations will continue and more clearing agents and Vehicles will be published.

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